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Doing some projects around the house.

Did a few things around the house this week. Yesterday was a big shopping day, I found an old bench grinder at Goodwill, then I went to Big Lots and got some little solar light thingies (although those aren't really a whole lot of work to put up), and I got a pressure washer and a palm sander at Northern Tool Supply. Today I stripped and sanded the door trim around the front, and coated it twice with some Kilz and once with some cream colored paint. Really look about a thousand times better, and the color that I picked randomly matches the door pretty well. I was afraid they were going to be too far off and I'd have to paint the door, too. Maybe tomorrow or on the weekend I'm going to pressure wash the awning and the door, clean everything off real good. Maybe I'll so the fence, too. Yay!


Going to college!

Old Dominion University is letting me in this fall! Woot!

Getting excited about college!

Applied to Old Dominion University yesterday, sent off my transcript request form today, looking at classes and placement exams and military credit transfers. Eeee!

Cat noises

The cat is getting outside somehow, from under the house some ways. I'm comforted to know he knows his way back in because he's been lost for many hours at a time and then appears mysteriously by the bathroom door. I heard a cat fight outside Ari's room and didn't think anything of it until I thought "hmmm, I haven't seen the cat for several hours." Lo and behold it's Freddy Merkitty tangling with another "stoopid cat" (as Brad says) that likes to hang out on our porch. Stay inside, cat!

Last night's dinner

Oh yeah, I made some of the zucchini pancakes last night off of the arabicbites blog. Here's a few photos of them! They turned out marvelous, like little egg-veggie cakes.

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I hate that I'm a better driver than everyone else. It's really frustrating to sit in traffic on a Saturday afternoon on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, inching along in the right lane when all the doobers that read the same traffic sign I did are racing along in the left lane trying to cut all us good-hearted folk off. I mean, what does it mean to you when a sign says "Accident at Willoughby, left lane closed?" Does it mean, "oh shit, I better run all the way up to the traffic cones and then bump my way into the right lane" NO! For fuck's sake people, learn to be more courteous. Also, some dude with South Carolina plates didn't know how to stay in his own lane. It's like he was freaked out by the tunnel. I mean, an Expedition is a huge vehicle, but you didn't need to be a half a lane over into the right lane as well. Argh. Fucking fucks.

I'd love to see a website where you could just rant about so and so cutting you off in traffic, waiting at a stoplight while they were picking their nose,  etc. If you could give a photo accompaniment of their license plate that would be even better, but it would suck to be the jerkoff who caused a seven car pile up trying to take pictures and drive.
http://arabicbites.blogspot.com  Just tried cooking thier fried zucchinni pancake things, they smell so delicious cooking in my pan!
http://bakerella.blogspot.com Haven't tried any of her stuff yet, I just like to sit back and admire. Inspirational, if you will.
http://www.thepioneerwomancooks.com Awesome beef tenderloin, delicious breads, cakes, everything. Ree is teh awesomest.
http://www.thefreshloaf.com Apparantly my mom knows the guy who started this site. Great tutorials on bread basics so you can move on to bigger and better things.


Glad I skipped work today. Almost forgot about the inauguration. Truthfully, I really just want to see the parade. :)

Still have a sick baby though, he's got a fever and snotty nose. Poor bebe.

Need to take a shower today, been in a sick funk for awhile.